Black Friday Yakata Sales

Who doesn’t love Black Friday?

You don’t? Oh my God!!!

It’s alright; you may be wondering why everyone is so excited, and you don’t particularly see the reason for the frenzy.

Walk with me:

Don’t you ever really wanted something that you absolutely loved but the price was a little above your budget? Or you would have loved to get more of something if it were sold at a particular price? Or maybe the cost of delivery discouraged you from eventually making an order?

You can relate, right?

That’s why Black Friday sales came into existence.  You get products you want at huge discounts with perks such as free deliveries, and gifts. It’s even the best time to do all your Christmas shopping before end-of-the-year inflation will get you folding your arms in disbelief.

I am a good person that’s why I am telling you this, Agbeke Alaso-oke is currently running the Black Friday Yakata sales from the 18th to the 28th of this November. Check out our Agbeke Alaso-oke store to get 15% discounts on all our products using the code Yakata. There are also free deliveries to anywhere within Lagos, free gifts on every female orders as well as an ultimate gift if you order above 50,000.

Now I can see you are interested. No need to thank me but you are welcome.

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