Your Vote Is Your Power

Our greatest weakness as Nigerians is that we hope. We love to hope. We keep hoping that things get better. We are best at adapting to situations with our suffering and smiling attitude. Once things become unbearable, we complain for a little bit, and then find alternate ways of surviving.

For the longest time now, we have been battling increased cost of fuel and fuel scarcity, increased cost of living, and more recently, money scarcity. Even for Agbeke Alaso-Oke, we have had our fair share of the hit. We have more recently had to review our prices to accommodate the increased cost of running our business. We will just have to keep hoping that things turn out better.

Our greatest strength as Nigerians is that we hope. It’s beautiful because it’s what is needed in these times of uncertainty. As elections approach, we have renewed hope that maybe we will get it right this time. If we lose hope, we lose everything.

Let us courageously carry the vision of how we want this country to be and never let go. Let that fuel our decision on who we will be voting for, without tribal and religious bias. Let us not be apathetic and leave the decision for others to make. Your vote is your power – cast it. We need Nigeria to work.

          ” Every election is determined by those who show up”- Larry Sabato

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